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My First Job - Job Fulfilment Program 2019-20
  • Starts on January 1, 2020
  • Duration 6 months
  • Freshers / Year-Drops / Backlogs

We are thrilled to announce #MyFirstJob - Job Fulfillment program 2019-20. Under which we will shortlist new students and aspirants on the basis of test and they will go through intense training program dedicated only towards their placements. These students are going to be backbenchers, year drops, drop-outs and people from similar category. Students above 60% are strictly not allowed for this program. We follow a famous sentence:

“We are what we repeatedely do
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".

How will you get benefited from the program?

You would go through rigorous technical and personal training for more than 3 months followed by full-fledged internship program. When the program is completed, you would be facilitated with job calls in MNCs and MLCs. Apart from Job you would gain immense self-confidence, ability to talk with people in English confidently and much more.

What are the technologies covered in the program?

We will cover all the technologies from scratch to advanced. Technologies covered are C, C++, Core JAVA, Advanced JAVA, SQL, MySQL, Spring, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP and many more adjacent technologies.

What other technical skills will I learn?

There are many technical skills which are required in corporate world without which day to day activities are near to impossible. You will be trained on these tools as well. We will cover Source Control (Github, Bitbucket), Stackoverflow, Server deployment and much more.

What will be part of Soft skills training?

Soft skills are your biggest asset when it comes to surviving into any organization. Soft skills training include talking etiquette, dressing etiquette, meeting etiquette, Email writing, social etiquette and much more.

What else will I learn?

You will be part of Aptitude sessions, Group discussions, Soft skills session, Mock interviews, Mock tests and much more. You will learn lot more than you are expecting.

How do I enroll for the program?

Great, you made to this question. This means you have made up your mind to enroll. For enrolling you will have to attempt a online test if you want to grad some handsome discount. If you don't want to attempt the test, no worries, pay full fees and get enrolled. You will have to attempt a online exam which would be mixture of technical, English, reasoning and some general knowledge questions. Your score would decide the discount you can get for the Program. Once your test is done, you will either have to send us the screenshot of the score at our email address, on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. or fill the form below.

Ready to take the test?

If you are ready to take the test, click on the icon below. Post completion of the test don't forget o send us the screenhshot of the score.

Submit test result?

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We await to see you onboarded. You can contact us by dialing in +91-7770043825, write us at internship@wisdomsprouts.com or register yourself using the register button above.